Sho Kosugi

Sho Kosugi, the master ninja! Anyone who has seen the 80’s ninja movies knows about Sho.

He was, and arguably still is the best Hollywood ninja ever!

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Sho Kosugi in the Movies
Ninja I: Enter the Ninja – 1981
Ninja II: Revenge of the Ninja – 1983
Ninja III: The Domination – 1984
Master Ninja – 1984
Pray for Death – 1985
Nine Deaths of the Ninja – 1985
Rage of Honor – 1987
Black Eagle – 1988
Aloha Summer – 1988
Blind Fury (With Rutger Hauer) – 1989
The Best of the Martial Arts Films – 1990
Journey of Honor / Kabuto – 1991
Kyokuto Kuro Shakai (Far East Dark Society) – 1993

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