punch a douche in the face day

Ninja Attitude

Ninja Attitude

How about an official “Punch a douche in the face day“.

It’s a universal theme, and the name could vary slightly depending on your local populace of idiots. Maybe in your neck of the woods it would make sense to have a “Punch a-dumb-shit-redneck- in the face day”. Maybe where you live it would be “Punch the-guy-who-is-holding-up-the-whole-line-because-he-is-entitled-to-special-treatment in the face day”. We all have dicks in our neighborhoods.

This could be a great day with endless possibilities. A day where d-bags and ass-hats might think twice about mingling with the general public. If they knew it was perfectly legal for anyone to slug them one in the face, they might think twice about leaving the house that day.

Anyone could participate, its open to all!

Imagine how cool it would be to see granny slap the shit out of the jerk in line at the grocery store for jumping in line ahead of her. A fuck-tard is taking up 2 spaces with his dinky little car, why not give him a good ol’ bitch slap.

As an added bonus, the the biggest douches would be marked by their black eyes and bruises, the shame would follow them for days.

Forget the whole “Purge” idea, that’s too far out of reach right now. Society isn’t ready for that…..BUT maybe the world IS ready for a good old fashion punch in the face.


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