Crocodile Hunter Theory

With great sadness it has been reported that Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter, is no longer with us. The news has told us that Steve has met his fate with a fatal blow from a stingray. There is even supposed to be a video of the “accident” in existence, however it has been said that it will never surface. We lost arguably one of the toughest men on the planet……to a fish? 

Could a Stingray really have done this alone?It’s hard to believe that a single-finned creature took out the great Crocodile Hunter. Now we all know that the only thing tougher than the Great Crocodile Hunter is either a ninja or Chuck Norris. Now, I’m pretty sure that Chuck has nothing against Steve, and would probably not want to harm him. But the ninja, that’s a hard one to say. 

Some ninja are evil and could possibly do such a thing. Perhaps there is an evil ninja out there that felt threatened by the Great Crocodile Hunter. It’s a small planet perhaps. Weirder things have happened….stuff like fish killing super heroes for example. 

Now it has been reported that Steve took one single stab in the chest from the spike of the stingray. He had time to pull it out and then fell into coma. Now……I guess and stingray could do this…. 

kinda….but here’s what really could have happened….. 

Steve was being studied by the evil ninja, as he was looking for the perfect time to make his move When the time was right the rogue ninja made such a move. Dressed like a stingray, he could get close enough to Steve to strike. 

Honestly, who would have thought to dress up like a stingray? It’s kinda brilliant. So anyway, just when the Great Crocodile Hunter realized that it wasn’t a stingray at all, it was infact a ninja…….. BLAMMMO!! The evil ninja pulls out his sword and strikes with incredible precision and then leaves without a trace. 

Since it was done in the water there is no DNA evidence to gather for tracing. No weapon was found as the ninja would have taken the sword with him. And as for the video….I bet either 1)the ninja used an underwater smoke bomb to block the video or 2)the ninja replaced the video with a different tape before exiting the scene of the crime. 

This is not the kind of work we condone as ninja. Sometimes good ninja go bad. Maybe the Great Crocodile Hunter really was killed by a fish….but maybe it was something more…..? 

RIP Steve Irwin

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