Jutsu List

Aizuangojutsu – signaling (not sure I think hand signals)

Ankokutostoshijutsu – ways to see in the dark

Bakemonnojutsu – ghost art

Bajutsu – Horsemanship (fighting from horse back)

Bujutsu – science of individual combat

Dakentaijutsu – striking method

Dotonjutsu – earth escape art, like hiding underground or using the ground as an escape route

Genjutsu – magic and illusions

Hansojutsu – the art of disguise kind of like acting but making it real not just acting

Jujutsu – this is not the grappling art…. ten syllable power methods. “skills said to enable a ninja to accomplish what conventional warriors could only back away from,”Stephen Hayes

Jutaijutsu – ninja’s style of grappling

Jojutsu – staff and cane fighting

Kappojutsu – resuscitation

Koppojutsu – art of bone breaking

Kiaijutsu – the art of harmonizing with the universal force

Kiaijutsu – shout of intention as a weapon

Kajutsu – explosives and fire arms

Koppojutsu – bone breaking or damaging

Koshijutsu – nerve or soft tissue striking

Kenjutsu – sword combat

Kyojutsu – making the impossible possible and making the possible impossible

Konsetsujutsu – joint working & joint locks

Mokutonjustu – wood escape art, like hiding in the trees or in a log on the ground or using the trees as an escape route

Masubitaijutsu – linking (not sure I think linking one empty hand technique and/or weapons technique to another)

Nawanukejutsu – Escaping from bonds. The process is easily visible to a guard or other person present, and can be interfered with. Due to childhood training, a ninja may use this skill to squeeze through openings which would normally be too small for a person of the ninja’s size. The suppleness necessary for this special skill can only be achieved through childhood training. Ninjutsu – the art of ninja, ninpo, and nin

Oseijutsu – pinning methods of pinning your opponent to the ground with nobody hurt

Shakinojutsu – flag discarding……this is when an army copies the flags of the enemy and the enemy thinks it allies

Shoten no jutsu – vertical surface running

Suitonjutsu – water escape art, like hiding under water, or using water as an escape route

Shurikenjutsu – the art of throwing objects

Setonjutsu – snow shinobi

Saimonjutsu – hypnotism and mind control

Takemustaijutsu – forging

Taijutsu – unarmed combat

Taihenjutsu – rolling traveling method

Taihenjutsu – body movement

Toritejutsu – arresting skills

Unshinjutsu – the art of being invisible

Urataijutsu – reversing your opponents attack

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