ninja beer!

Ginja Ninja Beer!

Ginja Ninja Beer

Soooo, this really exists!!!

NINJA freakin’ BEER!!!

What took so long you might ask?

Never mind that, it’s here now, and now is all that matters.


The packaging for this beer is great!

The ninja eyes starring you down as you drink yourself into peak ninja form are especially cool.

With every drink the eyes become more and more menacing.

Ginja Ninja Beer!

Ginja Ninja Beer


This beer has a serious hidden feature.

After consuming between 15-18 of these fine beverages, everyone around you becomes a drunkin’ pirate in need of a serious ninja ass whoopin!

This beer has the power to turn the world around you into a great video game, starring you as the Master Ninja!

The only downside to the bonus feature is that it usually ends in a trip to the drunk tank, and the drunk take is usually filled with drunk pirates.

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