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Good / Bad Ninja Quiz If you believe everything you read and don't have a sense of humour you might as well go away now. You know who you are, your the guy who writes the angry email threatening to kill because you are positive that a real ninja can't breathe under water. Or the girl who writes because she is pretty sure that real ninja can't catch a bullet with their teeth. In any case, you know who you are, and why are you still here?

For those of you who actually use their own minds, you might enjoy some of the stuff here. It's all 100% real and ready for you to take seriously!

Anyway, enjoy.

Good / Bad Ninja Quiz

Ninja Cold Hard Facts

Ninja Vs. Killer Tomato

Ninja Training Video Review

T Shirt Ninja

  Crocodile Hunter Theory

Ninja Etiquette

Many Faces of a Ninja

Steal The Peach Technique

Ninja Baby Stroller

Ninja Wisdom

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