iron maiden christmas card

Iron Maiden Christmas Card

Iron Maiden

Ninja made an appearance on this years Iron Maiden Christmas card!

It was sent out to the members of the Iron Maiden fan club.


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ninja for a day!

Ninja school for a day

Ninja for a day – Ninja School

So, this exists……

Give these guys some money, and you can become a “Ninja for a Day”, well actually 2 hours.

Train as a ninja during a private workshop and you’ll learn all the secrets of these spies and assassins of feudal Japan. Masters of stealth and disguise, ninjas – also known as shinobi– were members of a secret society about which very little was known. Your private ninja lesson in Tokyo offers insight as well as hands-on instruction in meditation, weaponry and fighting techniques.

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day of the ninja

Keep Calm and Be A NINJA!

December 5th is “Day of the NINJA”

Today is the official Day of the Ninja!

What are your plans?

How do you celebrate the stabbiest of all holidays?

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little rubber ninja

little rubber ninja toys

little rubber ninja toys

For no good reason at all, here is a picture of little rubber ninja.

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punch a douche in the face day

Ninja Attitude

Ninja Attitude

How about an official “Punch a douche in the face day“.

It’s a universal theme, and the name could vary slightly depending on your local populace of idiots. Maybe in your neck of the woods it would make sense to have a “Punch a-dumb-shit-redneck- in the face day”. Maybe where you live it would be “Punch the-guy-who-is-holding-up-the-whole-line-because-he-is-entitled-to-special-treatment in the face day”. We all have dicks in our neighborhoods.

This could be a great day with endless possibilities. A day where d-bags and ass-hats might think twice about mingling with the general public. If they knew it was perfectly legal for anyone to slug them one in the face, they might think twice about leaving the house that day.

Anyone could participate, its open to all!

Imagine how cool it would be to see granny slap the shit out of the jerk in line at the grocery store for jumping in line ahead of her. A fuck-tard is taking up 2 spaces with his dinky little car, why not give him a good ol’ bitch slap.

As an added bonus, the the biggest douches would be marked by their black eyes and bruises, the shame would follow them for days.

Forget the whole “Purge” idea, that’s too far out of reach right now. Society isn’t ready for that…..BUT maybe the world IS ready for a good old fashion punch in the face.


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are you a good or bad ninja?

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5 ninja video games that matter

Ninja video game called Shinobi put out by Sega.

Sega ninja video game Shinobi from 1980’s

Over the years there have been many a ninja video game released in hopes of capturing the pure awesomeness of the ninja in a video game.

Most have failed.

Almost every ninja video game ever made sucked ass. For one reason or another they lost the true-ninja-feel in the game and the game flopped. Those games need not be mentioned, as they deserve to be forgotten.

However, in all the rubble released over the years there have been some winners!

5 winners actually.

Here are the top 5 Ninja Video Games that Matter.

(If the ninja game you are thinking about is not listed here, it probably sucked and doesn’t matter)

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ninja santa!

Santa avenges the death of Mrs. Clause

Getting stabby with Santa!

How cool is this!?

Sent in from a fan just in time for the holidays!

Get stabby this holiday season with Santa as he spills blood to avenges Mrs. Clause’s tragic death. Turns out she died at the hands of the evil ninja elf, NELF!

He is now hell bent on getting revenge the only way he knows how, MESSY!

Toys will have to wait this year, first some heads have got to roll!

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Rihanna ninja turtle costume

Everyone has dressed up as a ninja for Halloween, at least once or 38 times.

Sometimes the ninja costumes are kicked up a notch with some great detail, cool weapons or whatnot….. but this year Rihanna kicked it out of the sewers!

Rihanna dressed up as the Ninja Turtle Raphael for the Halloween parties and she looked great!

Rihanna as a Ninja Turtle

Rihanna in costume as Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Rihanna as Ninja Turtle Rapheal

Rihanna dressed up as Raphael from Ninja Turtles!

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ninja beer!

Ginja Ninja Beer!

Ginja Ninja Beer

Soooo, this really exists!!!

NINJA freakin’ BEER!!!

What took so long you might ask?

Never mind that, it’s here now, and now is all that matters.


The packaging for this beer is great!

The ninja eyes starring you down as you drink yourself into peak ninja form are especially cool.

With every drink the eyes become more and more menacing.

Ginja Ninja Beer!

Ginja Ninja Beer


This beer has a serious hidden feature.

After consuming between 15-18 of these fine beverages, everyone around you becomes a drunkin’ pirate in need of a serious ninja ass whoopin!

This beer has the power to turn the world around you into a great video game, starring you as the Master Ninja!

The only downside to the bonus feature is that it usually ends in a trip to the drunk tank, and the drunk take is usually filled with drunk pirates.

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